TC found her way into the Leather community in 2009. TC identifies as a Slave and finds great joy in her service to Mr. Andrew Love. Despite, or rather because of her call to service, TC has dedicated herself to growing as a leader in the Salt Lake City, UT leather community and beyond. She graduated from Leather Quest - a two year intensive program focused on personal growth, BDSM and Leather history, earned leather, and advanced BDSM skills. For three years she has served as headmaster for The Path - a weekly BDSM 101 education group. She served as Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2013. 

Service and education are two of her passions and have been a large part of her personal journey. They give her a sense of purpose that she ardently believes in and fills her with profound joy, and she shares both with the community at large. Her infectious enthusiasm is contagious and an inspiration to many in her home community.

Her fetishes include:  Rubbing Mr. Andrew Love's feet, and watching him while he sleeps.